Luca Lattanzio was born in Milan on July 22, 1978.

He graduated from University of Urbino, Italy, with a degree in foreign languages and companies culture. He started to sing when he was a child; at the age of fifteen he fully dedicated himself to music and composing.
Luca adores Italian pop music, as well as appreciates the great tradition of Italian Romanze.
He studied the art of singing and he also plays the guitar, the instrument he usually uses when composing his songs.
Some of Luca’s career highlights include:

  • 2004: Touring around Germany with an Italian pop music band
  • 2005: Performing on central square of Ancona on the New Year’s eve to an audience of over 30.000 people
  • 2006: writing one of his most popular songs, Champions for Peace Champions for Love, which was performed at the Turin Olympic Games opening ceremony. In the same year he composed Recuerdo de Pasión in Spanish. The song was recorded by Novotono and distributed by Hitland. It was a great hit with some of the biggest disco clubs in Spain.
  • 2006: starring at Pigro Tribute and Ivan Graziani festival.
  • August, 2006: singing Ave Maria by Franz Schubert at Loreto’s Basilica
  • September, 2006: starring in Se rinasco canto, a television programme of Raidue and Rai International.
  • 2007: co-starring with the famous Italian singer, Albano Carrisi
  • 2007: releasing his first album, published by Centotre.
  • July, 2007: making an official presentation to the Italian Parliament with his original song, Non ci sto. The song was composed to promote road safety and was chosen by the Youth National Forum as the official song for the National government campaign Basta un attimo.
  • 2009: performing in a tour Viva l’Italia.
  • 2011: performing the National Anthem for teh International Volleyball match Italy-Cuba in worldvision.
  • 2013: recording and publishing his album, il “mondo” international and Italian evergreens.
  • 2014: performing at Gazprom’s 30 th anniversary in Siberia, Russia.
  • In 2015: conducting a vocal training course and a master class at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, and performing with The Voices of the Bolshoi Theatre in a concert dedicated to opera and Italian songs
  • 2016 releasing the album “solo amore”
  • 2018 singing in Kremlin Palace Moscow for “Victory Day “ With Red Army Chorus. The show was on Russian Tv followed by 60 million of person.
  • 2019 receiving the prize Beniamino Gigli , person of the year of Marche Region
  • 2021 releasing a new album “Hit Italia “ containing the song “ nessuno ferma il Mondo


Luca has performed all over the world, touring around Germany, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium, and Finland.

Currently, he is touring the world with his recently released album, hit Italia. Luca offers a one-of-a-kind act and easily adapts his music to the audience thanks to his versatile and powerful voice, creating a unique atmosphere and leaving his audience inspired all over the world